CyberdeckThe Game

CYBERDECK is a cyberspace themed video game. It is inspired by the works of William Gibson, specifically Neuromancer, and Count Zero. The engine is being written entirely from scratch. I'm hoping it will be available some time in 2020.

I will be posting updates here from time to time as development progresses. Hopefully I will be able to share code-snippets and useful game development tips as I learn more in my quest to finish the game.

First post


This is the first post for this brand new website, I am working on a video game engine. The idea is something I could see in my mind going as far back as 2012 or so. At first it seemed fairly easy to implement, but an abandoned attempt in 2012 left me feeling I was in over my head and not quite up to the task. I did write a 3d engine in 2012, but it was sloppy and in many cases just plain wrong. However, additional experience has given me the polish I have needed in my own programming skills--not to mention the focus--to try and make another stab at it. So far the progress has been extremely encouraging.

I wrote a loader for Wavefront Alias OBJ file format in a day. I wrote a system to render Truetype fonts. That took a week to crack, but now its done. My rendering pathway feels abstracted enough to be flexable going forward, at least for a first game. I have started slapping together a Lua sub-system. This is taking a bit of work, but 50% of the game or more will probably be built with Lua so its worth the extra effort.

Here is a video from one of the very first incarnations where I got something running and mouse-look in. Worth noting is that I am using Matrix Rotation here for mouse look. I later switched it to quaternion to avoid gimblelock.

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