CyberdeckThe Game

CYBERDECK is a cyberspace themed video game. It is inspired by the works of William Gibson, specifically Neuromancer, and Count Zero. The engine is being written entirely from scratch. I'm hoping it will be available some time in 2020.

I will be posting updates here from time to time as development progresses. Hopefully I will be able to share code-snippets and useful game development tips as I learn more in my quest to finish the game.

Cyberdeck March update


Here's a video I made for a friend to illustrate what I have been working on. Of note is the floor tiles running synchronously on a timer. A pretty cool effect I thought. Also I have the very first try at player-fired projectiles and some adlibbed entity blocks which are just bouncing around. The collision is in, which took some doing. The sad thing is that getting this far just reminds me how much further I have to go.

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