CyberdeckThe Game

CYBERDECK is a cyberspace themed video game. It is inspired by the works of William Gibson, specifically Neuromancer, and Count Zero. The engine is being written entirely from scratch. I'm hoping it will be available some time in 2020.

I will be posting updates here from time to time as development progresses. Hopefully I will be able to share code-snippets and useful game development tips as I learn more in my quest to finish the game.

Cyberdeck is calling


I should work on this, I really should. I have been thinking lately about this video game again. Ironically, I haven't worked on it since the last update I made here almost a year ago. But it's probably the best code I have ever written. I read it today. -- Clean. As. A. Whistle. I have been showing people the ganky handheld footage I took of it. But it isn't really very good. So I took a few hours to do a proper video. Kazam (on linux) worked beautifully. Still, the code hasn't changed in a while. I am chomping at the bit to get in there. But ironically, life always seems to get in your way, like a sysyphusian wind blowing right at me no matter which tack I take. TL;DR ... I am busy, with school, with work. But what I really want to do - is get back to this game, give me four months and I'll get Lua scripting, variable shaders, map generation, and a ton of other stuff in there. But that's like a dare to life - come on, life, I dare yah, life. Be good to me, let me do the thing I want to - instead of all this other pointless stuff that doesn't matter to anyone. There's no way.

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